Petrina Fava

Petrina Fava


Mom & Baby Groove Dance

This is a super easy, super fun dance "class" that's really more of a dance party.

A great way to get moving post-partum, because you choose the intensity! You can really work it or keep it  gentle, it's up to you, your body and your baby!

I began taking GROOVE dance workshops and instantly loved it. Ridiculously easy and so nurturing to my body.

I just show you a simple rhythm...then you get creative, make it your own and take it around the dance floor at whatever pace you like. Just you & your baby letting your body work up a groovy sweat to some really fantastic music.

Would you and your baby like to come dance with us?

Wednesdays at 11:45 am

Sept. 30 to Dec. 2 
Cosmyc Vybes Fitness
222 Islington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M8V 3B9

10 weeks $120 or


when you pay by Sept.21