Petrina Fava

Petrina Fava


Parenting From the Question

Overwhelmed with hundreds of different opinions about the "right" way to parent? Tired of reading books to find the "fix" to your issue? Feeling judged about your choices? Well, what if you're not wrong and there was nothing to fix? What if there was no right or wrong way, just choice? What do YOU know about your children and your family that no one else knows?

Based on the tools of Access Consciousness. A modality that empowers you to know what YOU know and make the choices that work for YOU.  Find out how you can you use questions to tap into your own awareness to chose what works for your family instead of buying into other people's points of view about the right way to parent.

Thursday April 9th @ 1:30 pm

Fashion Fix Studio
#1A - 217 Queensplate Drive, Etobicoke ON  M9W 6Z7

$20 Submit Payment