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Ease with Fertility, Pregnancy & Childbirth

​About 6 years ago I had a miscarriage after having had 2 beautiful pregnancies with my daughters. Went into this really twisted, contracted space of anger and betrayal with my body and then wondered why I wasn't getting pregnant for months. DUH! 
I'd just learned Reiki and thought it was pretty cool, always knowing there was more to bodies than meets the eye. Then I heard of this weird stuff called Access Consciousness. Started asking some questions, changed what I was projecting at my body and was pregnant the following month. Wanna hear more? Maybe ask me some questions?

What do YOU know about your body and your baby that no one else knows?
I wonder what magic you and your baby can create together?

What if you could can start...RIGHT NOW?

Thursday, June 11th @ 8:30 pm EST
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​Petrina Fava